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19 2021-08

Don't let your air compressor become a "gas tiger"!

Oil injected rotary screw air compressor has become the mainstream of air compressor at present because of its advantages of stability, low vibration and low noise. However, the generally high oil change frequency of oil injected air compressors has forced enterprises to purchase more lubricating oil to meet the "good appetite" of air compressors, which has increased operating costs to a certain extent and added congestion to enterprises! It is important to choose the right lubricating oil, but it is far from enough to "feed the right oil and feed the right oil" if you want the oil injected screw air compressor to maintain good performance and significantly reduce the lubrication cost. Mastering scientific lubrication management and maintenance methods, especially the washing and oil changing skills of air compressor, is the key to give full play to the good performance of high-quality lubricating oil and realize the safe, environmental protection and high-speed operation of equipment. Oilman's daily life: take care of it in peacetime! Scientific and meticulous daily maintenance can help enterprises effectively monitor the use of equipment from the beginning, quickly and effectively grasp whether the air compressor operates normally and whether the air compressor oil needs to be replaced in time, and nip all possible problems in the bud. ·Check the oil tank every day: check whether the oil level is correct, add appropriate oil when necessary, and maintain the correct oil level through the visual oil level gauge; ·Check the control panel every week: O the working condition indicator of air / oil separator on the control panel, remove the pipeline and clean or replace the filter if necessary. O oil filter condition indicator on the control panel, replace the filter according to the OEM's recommendations. O the working condition indicator light of the air suction filter on the control panel should be cleaned or replaced if necessary. ·Check and ensure that there is no air in the oil through the oil return pipeline sight glass, and clean the sight glass and oil return orifice plate if necessary. ·Analyze the oil products regularly, change the lubricating oil in time according to the analysis results, and clean the oil strainer when changing the oil. Come and go "rush", oil change worry free! The oil injection screw compressor has strict requirements for oil products. It can neither mix different brands of oil nor use different grades of air compressor oil of the same brand. Therefore, in order to avoid lubrication failure and even more serious equipment damage caused by incompatible lubricating oils, it is generally recommended to wash the oil injected screw air compressor that needs oil change, and then carry out professional oil change. Be sure to check the compatibility of lubricating oil before changing oil. The lubricating oil for oil injected rotary screw air compressor is made of a variety of different base oil and additive technologies. The lubricating oil of air compressor usually adopts mineral or synthetic base oil. Synthetic base oil can be poly- α- Olefin (PAO) or polyethylene glycol (PAG) or silicon or ester. Of course, not all lubricants are completely compatible, so whenever you choose to use a new oil, it is recommended to check the compatibility of lubricants in advance. Replace an oil injected rotary screw air compressor with mobilex SHC ™ Take 1020 series lubricating oil as an example to introduce professional cleaning and oil change steps. This procedure is applicable to lubricating oil flushing and replacement of any type of air compressor. 1. Start the compressor and operate at normal temperature (185 ° f/85 ° C) for about 1 hour. 2. Stop the compressor. 3. Drain the lubrication system and clean it. ·Drain the existing oil in the oil tank as much as possible. ·Introduce compressed air to purge low points or potential oil collecting points in the compressor. ·If there is sediment, clean the oil sump, washable lubrication system components, bearings and gears (manually). Disassemble and clean the filter and its parts. ·Purge the air reservoir and drain it. 4. Replace the oil filter and discharge the oil by gravity from the fibrous material of the oil-gas separator. 5. Because Di ester products are conducive to the flushing effect, inject Mobil synthetic Di ester products (such as Mobil lux 800 series - pay attention to the corresponding viscosity) into the compressor oil tank to reach the normal oil level. 6. Start the compressor to make the oil temperature reach the normal 85 ° C (185 ° f). Keep the compressor running at no load for at least 4 hours. The air compressor operates at the corresponding temperature for long enough to enable the thermostat to open. ·The conventional (10 micron) microporous filter membrane is used for sampling inspection of lubricating oil to better monitor the flushing effect. (the cleaning effect of the compressor can be visually checked by using the filter mem
19 2021-08

Four tips for troubleshooting overheated automobile engines

Engine overheating is a common fault, which will lead to the decline of engine power and economy, and even damage the machine parts in serious cases, so such faults should be eliminated in time. Taking Santana car as an example, the "four steps" to eliminate the fault of excessive engine temperature are introduced below. Take a look If the temperature is too high or the temperature indicator light keeps flashing, stop and check to see whether the cooling water of the water tank is normal, and whether there is leakage at the water tank, engine water pipe and all joints. If no abnormality is found through the appearance inspection, you can supplement the cooling water as required before continuing to drive. If the temperature is still too high after driving for a long distance, the cooling water is reduced greatly after stopping for inspection, which is mostly due to sand holes or perforation in the water jacket of the cylinder block. After this fault is found, it should be repaired. Don't take it lightly. Second touch When the engine temperature is too high, you can touch the temperature of the upper engine water pipe and underwater pipe to judge the fault. If the temperature difference between the two water pipes is very large, it can be judged that the thermostat is not working. If you can't buy accessories on the way, you can remove the thermostat for emergency and replace it immediately after returning to the unit. Sanfang If there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will be formed, which will cause poor cooling water circulation and lead to excessive engine temperature. The following methods can be used for bleeding: let the engine run at high speed, gently unscrew the water tank cover until the gas is just released, at this time, some cooling water will flow out with the gas, and repeat this for many times until you feel that the gas is discharged (at this time, the temperature of the upper and lower water pipes will be significantly different by touching with your hand). After troubleshooting, add cooling water in time. Four strokes If the vehicle drives on dirt roads or muddy roads for a long time, some dirt will adhere to the radiator. Over time, it will affect the heat dissipation effect and cause the water temperature to be too high. First blow the radiator grille with compressed air, and then flush it with water pipes.
19 2021-08

Differences between elbow processing and elbow processing

The basic difference between elbow processing and elbow processing is that elbow processing is relatively short compared with elbow processing. R=1 to 2 times is the elbow, and the larger multiple is called the elbow. In terms of manufacturing technology, cold bends can be bent by ready-made straight pipes with pipe benders, and there is no need for secondary corrosion prevention after one-time completion. However, elbows should be customized by the manufacturer, and corrosion prevention should be done. The ordering cycle is long. The price of elbow is higher than that of elbow, but the cost performance is much higher than that of elbow. It is well known that elbow without anti-corrosion treatment is easy to be damaged, but it is widely used in some projects with low requirements because of its low price. Elbow processing should be customized by the manufacturer, with corrosion prevention and long order cycle. Cold bends can be made of ready-made straight pipes with a pipe bender. Once completed, there is no need for secondary corrosion prevention. There is a petroleum standard for the construction process of cold bends and an enterprise standard for the west east gas transmission project. However, it is OK to use elbows and elbows in open areas. Only considering the cost, the elbows need to be heated and cold bent. Of course, the cost of elbows is high. Sometimes elbows must be used in narrow sections, such as the pipe trench in stonework section. Because the radius of curvature of the elbow is small, it is generally 6D, while the elbow is 40d.
19 2021-08

How to select the correct bending machine

In actual production, what kind of bending machine is suitable for you? In fact, this problem is very simple. It depends on your own production capacity. If the volume is small and the profit is thin, you don't have to choose tens of thousands of equipment to produce! In the 21st century, most enterprises are trying to replace the increasingly tense labor resources with machinery. In addition, the market has increasingly strict requirements for products. For elbow products, the requirements for roundness, parallelism, straightness, appearance and metallographic structure of products are getting higher and higher. More and more enterprises choose winding bending forming machinery, That is, single head hydraulic pipe bending machine or CNC pipe bending machine. According to the use of mandrel, it can be divided into two categories, namely, mandrel bending method and non mandrel bending method. Both hydraulic pipe benders and CNC pipe benders are designed according to winding bending, and both of them can carry out cored bending and coreless bending. At present, there are various types of elbow models commonly used at home and abroad, including pure mechanical type, hydraulic type, pneumatic type, medium frequency induction heating type, etc. The bending and forming of pipes are directly realized by special molds. Because the winding bending forming machines are driven by hydraulic or servo motors, it is very simple to choose the type of pipe bending machine suitable for your own production, because each pipe bending machine has its * large bending capacity, so before purchasing the pipe bending machine, you should choose according to the * large pipe fittings you need to bend.
30 2021-08

Auto Parts Market: China's distinctive mark

When explaining the white paper, Fang yinliang, global partner of Roland Berger, pointed out that the revenue of the world's top 100 parts enterprises maintained a 5% growth rate, among which Chinese enterprises increased significantly with diversified competitive advantages, but the number of Chinese enterprises that could rank among the top 50 in the world was still limited. Specifically, the overall revenue scale of the world's top 100 enterprises has maintained the same growth rate as that of China's top 100 enterprises. Relying on the advantages of traditional segmentation fields (such as commercial vehicle market), binding large vehicle manufacturers, frontier field development (such as new energy) and integrated global development, China's top 100 enterprises in the world have higher revenue growth than foreign-funded enterprises. In the 2020 top 100 list, the top five enterprises are Germany Bosch, mainland Germany, Japan Denso, Canada magna and Germany ZF. German, Japanese and American spare parts enterprises rank top and are the mainstream enterprises in the international top 100 list. However, 11 Chinese auto parts enterprises are still selected, including Weichai group, Huayu automobile, Hainachuan, Junsheng electronics, Ningde times, AVIC motor, GAC parts, Yuchai group, Zhongce Rubber, CITIC daika and fast group. Among them, the total revenue of Weichai group's parts business ranked 8th on the international top 100 list with 216.467 billion. These Chinese enterprises represent the advanced strength of China's auto parts industry and reflect the strength of China's independent parts enterprises. Compared with the list in 2019, the 2020 top 100 list has added two indicators of profit and R & D investment in the data collection stage of Chinese enterprises. The following conclusions can be drawn from the data behind the list: 1. The large-scale capacity of Chinese enterprises is increasing. The number of Chinese enterprises shortlisted in this year's global top 100 list has increased from 8 last year to 11, and the ranking has been improved. 2. The overall R & D investment of enterprises has increased significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 33.85%, but the average R & D investment in the industry is only 5%. 3. The profitability of enterprises needs to be strengthened urgently. The overall revenue increased by 10.96% year-on-year in 18 years. The revenue of 53 enterprises increased, but the profit growth was only 30. The average net profit rate of the industry is 4.53%, which is still far from the average level of 6.7% of international parts companies. 4. The scale advantage of state-owned enterprises is obvious, and 8 of the top 10 enterprises in China's top 100 list have state-owned assets. 5. The capital market promotes industrial development and private enterprises have great potential. There are 77 listed companies and 66 private enterprises on the list. 6. From the perspective of regional distribution, the economically developed regions in the southeast and the regions with developed automobile industry have obvious advantages. The number of listed enterprises in Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shanghai has reached 55%. 7. Enterprises have strengthened the investment in new energy, intelligent driving and core powertrain technology. The R & D investment of such enterprises has exceeded 8% of their revenue, and the R & D investment of NavInfo last year reached 51%. In recent years, the profitability of the auto parts industry has significantly improved. Chinese enterprises focus on improving their independent R & D capabilities and constantly break the monopoly position of foreign-funded enterprises in the field of key auto parts. In the international auto parts market, China's mark has been particularly clear, and the integration of domestic and foreign resources has become the development trend of the global auto industry.
30 2021-08

Where should auto parts enterprises go?

80% of the world's fake auto parts are in China! Seeing this amazing number, I believe many Chinese car owners' * * feeling is, are we all using fake auto parts? Just before the "315" in the past, Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce found more than 700 counterfeit general brand accessories worth more than 400000 yuan in Shenghua Auto Parts City, wangsiying, under its jurisdiction. Daya Bay branch of Huizhou Administration for Industry and Commerce seized 45 barrels of 418 kilograms of fake shell registered trademark lubricating oil. We are used to it that when we go to the Auto Parts City ourselves, even if we buy simple accessories, we are in danger of being cheated. What does not match the chaos of the auto parts market is that the business opportunities in the auto aftermarket are becoming greater and greater with the growth of car ownership. Yu Yuanbo, vice president of China Automobile Circulation Association, said recently that it is expected that China's automotive aftermarket will increase to about 490billion yuan by 2012, and automotive parts will account for the majority of the cake in the automotive aftermarket. Although the business opportunities are large, but the market is chaotic, where should the parts enterprises go? Relevant experts believe that the automobile after-sales market is different from the supporting market. In addition to the ability of the sales system, the construction of brand power for end users is another key factor. For example, the brand awareness of end customers of a domestic brake pad enterprise is about 30%, driving its sales from 60million yuan in 2007 to 200million yuan in 2011; In contrast, the sales volume of an international * * brake pad enterprise in China's automotive aftermarket has remained at 10million yuan, because its end customer brand awareness is only 3%. Compared with local auto parts enterprises, international auto parts giants have clearly seen this point. Recently, Delphi, Philips, huimen and Tennessee, four of the world's top 100 auto parts giants, jointly held a large-scale market activity "auto parts * products to terminals" in Shanghai, which has just kicked off the activity in 100 cities across the country. It is expected that more than 50 international * * brand manufacturers such as Bosch will participate in the activity in the later stage. The joint action of international giants indicates that the competition in China's automotive after-sales market is becoming white hot, and the local parts enterprises, which are already in a weak position, are afraid that their living space will become increasingly narrow if there is no positive action.
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